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Home > The Glover Report > COMMENTARY: Solutions to Baltimore’s Ills by A. J. Walker

COMMENTARY: Solutions to Baltimore’s Ills by A. J. Walker

aj walker
A. J. Walker

(BALTIMORE – July 28, 2011) – What are the solutions to Baltimore’s ills? Grass roots activism in our communities, for one; taking ownership of our ills; accepting responsibility; and holding ourselves and each other accountable.

Give rigorous attention to our elementary and middle school children. Fill their days with posi...tive, nurturing activities. A busy child is usually too tired to get in trouble at the end of the day. Fill their days with rigorous fun and interesting education and training. Fill their evenings and weekends with positive activities like sports, music, dancing, community service, field trips, the boy scouts, Knights of Pythagoras, church teen and kid's groups, and the like.

Take back our streets from the thuggz, punks and poison peddlers. (I remember a time when even the hustlers had a code and wouldn't do such things as robbing the elderly or kiddz). But honestly, let's not be too harsh. If I had a mom that didn't care (was gettin high all the time or using her child support or any other kind of check to get her hair and nails ‘did’ and a new outfit for herself and not for me), or a Dad who was a poor excuse for a man (barely knows my birthdate, never spends time with me or takes care of me or in jail)...GUESS WHAT!?! I would without a doubt be doing just like they are...hitting the streets for survival, and doing whatever means I find necessary to get food, clothing and shelter for myself and siblings.

If we start instilling strong values, morals, and a strong work ethic in our kiddz (the things parents should be doing) in 10 years or maybe even within 5 years we'd see a real change on our streets.

We can start locking up all the dead beat parents..or even better yet, let's start sterilizing all folks that keep having children with no intentions and/or don't want to provide for the basic emotional, physical, spiritual, and developmental (education, nurturing) needs of their kidz (I know that's extreme, but I'm passed tired people).

Folks who cannot provide food, clothing and shelter for their children should not be allowed to keep having babies (how many lives should a person be allowed to bring in the world just to screw them up and make them a menace to me and my family...I'm just saying).

However, being the devil's advocate again,...if parents are just perpetuating a generational cycle and don't know any better, then they need to be educated, trained and held accountable, too. Whatever happened to welfare reform?

If you get a check and are of able mind and body...well then! You work for me and the State (due to my tax dollars and the government's administration of the program). So instead of sitting at home watching Jerry Springer or hanging on a corner, you can be cleaning the city, removing debris, cleaning roads, getting training, going to school or providing manpower for after school programs): No worky! No checky! Furthermore, just like kiddz, tired adults get in even less trouble, too.

Let's stop electing officials based on emotions and glitzy campaigns (when I make decisions based on emotions, I usually get messed-up outcomes. How about you?).

We need to get rid of all these city officials who are drunk with themselves, their egos and their power, but provide no real solutions or service to their constituents and customers. You know the ones who you vote for and then don't hear from ‘til the next election cycle. The ones you vote for and then when you see them and say hello in public or go to them for help, they can't speak, don't have time or look at you like you just swam through a pile of dog doody.

Who's got the list of officials who have got to go, and why (documented)? Let's start by providing incentives (e.g. delayed taxes, use of empty city owned properties until the business is flourishing) for businesses to set-up shop and/or relocate to Baltimore.

How about being more proactive and targeting business we want to court (particularly if we're doing it on a large scale; I haven't heard). Ok...that's just a few off the top of my head. So what do you think? Can we get 'er done? Hell yeah, if we get up off our cheek bones. Ok, off the Soap Box...

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bernabella De La Hoz
May 25, 2013 9:57pm [ 1 ]

agree with Mr A.J. Walker

bernabella De La Hoz
Jun 29, 2013 12:16am [ 2 ]

agree with mr A,J WALKER

bernabella De La Hoz
Nov 9, 2013 1:08am [ 3 ]


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