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The Glover Report: Racism in Baltimore

Doni in Jordan, 2002
Doni Glover in Jordan, September 2002 (with the late Arthur Murphy)

Who will lead?

By Doni Glover,

(BALTIMORE – April 13, 2010) - Those who are regular readers of this column know that I rarely pull the race card. I always promote victor over victim thinking. However, in light of recent developments, something must be said … and something must be done.

From Daren Muhammad’s mistreatment at Baltimore City Public Schools’ headquarters by schools’ superintendent Dr. Andres Alonso (who has still not responded) to Tracye Stafford’s Velvet Rope nite club and its being targeted by a Marriott Hotel to yesterday’s news of Communities Organized to Improve Life’s (COIL) being a front for the Black Guerilla Family (BGF) – the madness seemingly does not stop.


Yes, Daren can be critical. Yet, he has a mission – an ordained mission – to hold our feet to the fire. As far as I can remember, he has been on point on the issues disaffecting the black community … like Dr. Tyrone Powers. While he can be blunt, he has been consistently in the forefront when it comes to defending black people … particularly the children.

Ms. Stafford has a beautiful nite club. We went there recently for the Haiti Yele benefit for the earthquake survivors. Hosted by Catalina Byrd and James Collins, it was a rare time that we got to see us partying for a purpose. And it was beautiful.

As for COIL and its Executive Director, Stacy Smith, being accused or painted as a front for the BGF, c’mon man!? If she is guilty, then so is the Baltimore City Police Department, the Baltimore City Health Department, and the entire Safe Streets program. With a mandate of engaging gang members, Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun suggests COIL is betraying the city, the people, and is some sort of front for the BGF. Ridiculous!

People, it is 2010. Black people are not going back to Africa. Black people are not all going to fit in somebody’s jail. And, being a fan of futuristic movies, not all of us are going to move to another planet when the time comes.

What the hell is wrong with this town? Can anybody tell me?

Why is race still a factor? What is up with the “Negro problem” that has obviously encapsulated the brain of otherwise brainwashed people who treat Baltimore like it is Soweto?

Because of racism, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison. And so did Michael Austin … right here in Maryland. Is this right?

And now, is 26-year media icon David Brown's show - "Real Questions" - getting the same level of respect as other shows at Morgan State University's WEAA - a black radio station built for black people on a black campus in a majority black city? This is 2010, correct? The same station that was home to Jesse McDade-Bey and Charlie Dugger and Gossie Hudson is seemingly more concerned with going along to get along than it is with serving the people. The management at WEAA that has essentially stressed out black voices like Sandi Mallory ought be on trial for their horrendous actions to emasculate blackness and deny the essence of what it means to be black in Baltimore. Shame on them! This cavalier attitude of the management has to realize that this is not a student station; it is supposed to be a professional station that ultimately serves students. 

Because of racism, America has lost some of its greatest people – from MLK to Malcolm to Emmett Till.

Racism has to be a top killer of black people.

When I think of the residents of the Baltimore City Jail, personally, I think – if these people had a lawyer, their asses would be home, sipping a soda, and maybe even getting ready to go to work.

When I think of the governor stating Maryland has the best schools in the nation, yet nothing has seemingly addressed the incredible drop-out rate of young black males in Baltimore and Prince George’s County – all I see is chicanery and buffoonery.

When I think of the whole Minority Business Enterprise conundrum and the government’s insistence that – in part – makes black businesses prove they are black (along with other minorities), I say to myself: “Bull feces”.

At some point in the near future, I would love to see this insanity come to an end. If it means that all of the black lawyers in Maryland – led by … say a Wayne Curry – and all of the black school teachers – led by … say an Andre Bundley – and all of the black businesses – led by … say an Arnold Jolivet – come together and stand up for black people … then maybe things will change.

Sadly, our preachers are seemingly more focused on building mega churches to prove to their peers that they have more mass appeal. Our black politicians are too scared and too dependent on a pay check to even possibly consider speaking truth to power – regardless of who the governor is. And our families are inundated with a recession or a depression, paying bills, celebrating a perverted pagan holiday for the sake of going shopping – that we have simply taken our eye off the ball.

Who will lead black people and all of the good people of Maryland to a brighter day? Who will say what needs to be said with the fortitude of a Harriet Tubman and a Fannie Lou Hamer? Who will make the sacrifice that, irrespective of a pay check, must be made such that our children will know that mommy and daddy care more about them than a frickin happy hour at the newest nite club? And, who will take to going to a PTA meeting over a strip club?

As has been said … time and time again: If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything! Wake up, black people and good white people, and put an end to the pathology of racism!       

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