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The Glover Report: SELL-OUT: Black America, Wake Up!

Attorney Craig Thompson and AG Doug Gansler
Craig Thompson (R) speaks to Doug Gansler, Attorney General for Maryland

(BALTIMORE - January 9, 2012) - It’s like the normal has become abnormal, and the abnormal has become normal. I mean, fresh back from Freedom Crossing and Canada, I was even blessed with some White House coverage.  So, how in the world can two of my most favorite people have seemingly lost their way in the midst of the greatest of times?

There is no pain like when your hero becomes a zero.

BLACK PEOPLE: The Fat Boys can break up. Whitney and Bobby can make up, ….. but there is just something to be said about those who feel that, even with the presence of a powerful first black president, the job is more important than the mission – particularly the mission that got us … individually …. where we are today.

A week ago, I was flying on a cloud. Words, pictures, videos: they are not enough to capture the feeling of seeing the spot where my favorite freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman, crossed the Niagara River with countless escaped slaves.

A week later, Kweisi don’ proclaimed his affinity for the white male dominated power structure in Maryland that co-opts black men the same way they send black men to prison.  

Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall would be flabbergasted at Kweisi Mfume, Ron Lipscomb, and Craig Thompson.

I guess this is how they play us black folks in Baltimore. They threaten us. They convict us. They spoon feed us. They pimp us. They trick us. The Missy song, “Coochie, Don’t Fail Me Now”, comes to mind!  

And they will not stop unless we stand up for our rights and for our respect and for our determination to be free.

Went to a couple clubs recently in Baltimore: I was quickly reminded that we like to party. We, in fact, love to party. When will we, I ponder, stand up against the rude awakening in store for us? When will black people get some heart and speak truth to power at the calamity befalling black America? We bitch about the Ravens’ shortcomings, but we don’t bitch about the quality of education being given to our children. We get mad when our favorite show doesn’t come on, but we won’t vote. We are quick to tag everybody from here to Timbuktu over the next Happy Hour, but we won’t stand up and say what needs to be said: We are sell-outs! We, as a race, have sold out our children, our history, and our families for popularity’s sake amongst some white folks who could not care less.

And it’s not just in Baltimore. It’s across America. The sell-out is a real phenomenon that has black America paralyzed into thinking that the white man’s ice is actually colder. Go figure

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Jan 9, 2012 3:03pm [ 1 ]

Thank you for keeping us informed Mr. Glover!

I was especially moved by,"We are sell-outs! We, as a race, have sold out our children, our history, and our families for popularity’s sake amongst some white folks who could not care less."

Makes me think of the so-called "Talented Tenth" Gen X group I am a part afraid we're going to lose privleges/status associated with our "climb up the social ladder" we pay no attention to whats going on in the community for fear of messing up the status quo.

Sadly its not just the leaders, but a large section of us who supposed to know and do better.

Prince Brown
Jan 10, 2012 9:23pm [ 2 ]

Yo why should he be forced to endorse somebody just because they share the same skin color? I'm tired of the thinking that says just because we share the same skin tone that this person knows what's best. Anybody who makes up there mind before knowing what a person is all about is a fool.

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